Amol Parchure Interview: I was in awe of the MAMI audiences!

Amol Parchure is one of the few star media persons in Marathi fraternity. He started out as a TV journalist & film critic & today he has shifted to web content. Amol Parchure is being associated for two consecutive years with Mumbai’s prime international film festival MAMI. He is the curator of ‘Marathi Talkies’ section under MAMI & has selected different Marathi films that were premiered & screened at the festival last year & the films which will be screened & premiered at MAMI this year.

Jio MAMI 19th Mumbai Film Festival with Star 2017 is India’s premiere film festival. It showcases the latest cutting-edge, independent cinema and art house films alongside genre movies from Bollywood, Hollywood and also cult international movies. They offer the best of world cinema to the people of Mumbai and they offer the best of Indian cinema to the world. The 19th edition of the festival will be held from 12th-18th October, 2017.

What is your strategy for selecting Marathi films for MAMI? What is it that you look for in those films?

Last year was the first year of ‘Marathi Talkies’ in MAMI. This is an independent segment & has nothing to do with other competition sections or other sections of the festival. For example last year ‘Kasav’ was premiered at MAMI. But it wasn’t in the ‘Marathi Talkies’ section. It was in the other competition section. These individual entries of Marathi films are not connected with ‘Marathi Talkies’ section. In the last few years not many Marathi films had made it to film festivals, hence the director of the festival Anupama Chopra & creative director Smriti Kiran felt there is a need for a Marathi specific segment in MAMI. So in this way I got associated with ‘Marathi Talkies’ as a curator. They gave me full freedom to pick movies of my choice, even if they had been shown at MAMI earlier.

So last year my priority was to choose those films made in the past 3-4 years, who haven’t been that successful on box-office & are still good films. Moreover these films weren’t available on any dvd/online mediums for the audiences to watch! Rajwade & Sons, Vakratunda Mahakaya & Bioscope were the films selected last year under the ‘Marathi Talkies’ section. And the hugely successful ‘Ventilator’ premiere was also organized. This year around 5-6 Marathi films will be screened under ‘Marathi Talkies’.


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